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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pleasant Surprises

My parents have no idea about this book. We are very close and they know me well. So, they know that I'm always writing something; have been writing for my entire life. But, from the moment my editor became interested in my stories, I've gone mum about the whole writing thing. 

This is especially hard because my middle sister and I have been mom-sharing for over a month now. Dad, mom, and my youngest sister live in Upstate New York. But, mom and baby sis have been here since early July, going back and forth between my place and the middle sister's place.

I've been busy with last-minute details pertaining to the book - author biography, cover photo, acknowledgements and dedication, and final edits. All this under the nose of a very involved (nosey) mother. 

The first two pictures I submitted didn't work, so I needed my little sister to take several pictures of me, in different outfits. Not whole outfits; I kept the same old, comfy shorts on in almost all of the photos.  

Anyway, my mom was here for all of it. And, mom has never been one to sit back out of the loop. She could not figure out why on earth I had my little sister following me around the house taking my picture. And, then she laughed out loud when she saw I was actually doing wardrobe changes. What could I say? So, I just let her laugh.

I cannot wait to get the first copies of my book. My heart will soar when I can put my parents' copies in the mail (mom and baby sis will have gone back home by then).  And the anticipation will build inside me for days, like bubbles in the soda cans my kids try to secretly shake, while those copies make their way to my parents' doorstep. Oh, how I wish I could see their faces. How I hope they will love the fact that I'm writing under a hyphenated surname to honor them. How I pray they will feel pride and joy at seeing my dream come true. Will Mom laugh out loud in realization when she turns the book over in her hands and sees my photo? Will they read my words and love them? Will they forever be changed by some little phrase somewhere within those pages? 

And, will everyone else too?

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