Writing Her Dream

If there is a book you really want to read

but it hasn't been written yet

then you must write it.

- Toni Morrison

Joiya started her professional life as an attorney. She has been a judicial clerk, public defeneder, and associate juvenile court judge. Before she took a pause to raise four phenomenal children, Joiya worked as a Guardian ad Litem, advocating for abused and neglected children.

Years of innumerable library trips, snuggling in bed reading to little ones and being read to, and throwing family dinner parties themed around much beloved books changed Joiya’s mind about where she wanted to make an impact in the world. Frequently fruitless attempts at finding books featuring characters that look like her kids revealed to Joiya the need for diverse representation in the publishing industry, especially in kid lit. When she began thinking about returning to the workforce, Joiya’s calling had evolved to advocating for diverse representation in children’s literature.

An internship with Writers House Literary Agency provided for her a firm foundation on which to stand. As an author, an Editorial Assistant with Good Story Company, and a book scout, Joiya has gained valuable insights into the world of publishing.

Joiya lives in Marietta, Georgia with her family. When she’s not reading, writing, or scouting, she can be found running with her girlfriends, or chauffering children between softball and basketball and soccer and Girl Scouts and hang outs. She is an active member of her Fellowship Bible Church. She tries (and fails regularly) to embody the phrase, Love Them Anyway.